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Share Public Health is our podcast connecting you to public health topics, issues, and colleagues throughout our region and the country, highlighting that we all share in public health. In this podcast, we will explore public health topics including leadership, mental health, health equity, hot topics, and emerging practices.

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We interview several people about how COVID-19 has affected them and their industries, as well other public health topics during the pandemic.

  • COVID-19: Experiences of People with Disabilities Listen, Transcript
  • Darin Von Ruden: COVID-19 Impact on Dairy Farmers Listen, Transcript
  • Dr. Rima Afifi: Messaging, Communications, and Behavior Change during COVID-19 Pandemic Listen, Transcript
  • Dr. Nicole Novak and Andrew Bribriesco: COVID-19: Impact on Meatpacking Workers Listen, Transcript

Tackling Equity


Keep hearing about health equity? Check out our ten-part series that covers the health equity basics and provides concrete suggestions to advance health equity in organizations and communities.



In this ongoing series, we talk with public health leaders from around the country. We talk with people in local health departments, national organizations, and everything in between.

Mental Health


In our very first series, we explore mental health through the lenses of schools, public safety, and businesses with partners in Iowa, Missiouri, Nebraska and Kansas.