Marketing Public Health

Course Description:

Whether you are managing a single program or an entire public health department, understanding the basic principles of branding and marketing can be crucial to your success. Every program and organization has key stakeholders. The goal of this course is to offer concrete strategies for communicating with those stakeholders in order to support your broader program and organizational goals.

What you’ll learn

After completing this course, you will be able to…

Describe the four pillars of building a strong brand
Outline the steps for developing an effective marketing communications plan which includes:
Understanding the mission and goals
Knowing the audience
Identifying the core umbrella messaging
Defining messaging by target audience, and
Identifying and prioritizing tactics
Describe the importance of educating the staff and other stakeholders on desired brand behaviors, and
Identify and track success metrics.

Sponsor: New England Public Health Training Center
Training Format: Online course
Publish Date: 2019
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