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Building a Culture of ResilienceOnline CourseThis online resource is a collection of micro-learnings and resources for building and cultivating resilience at the community, organizational, and personal level. Course Description: The goals of this online resource are to help support public health professionals in creating an environment where they can achieve success during times of increasing …read
Practical Law for Public Health OfficialsOnline CourseCourse Description: Do you know how the law contributed to motor vehicle safety, vaccination, or safer workplaces? Law reform or litigation has played a part in most of the greatest public health achievements in the 20th century. As public health professionals and leaders, understanding public health law and how to …read
Community Change in Public HealthOnline CourseCourse Description: In bringing about behavior change in public health, we often focus on the individual mother, student, or farmer. We should not forget the community structure and norms constrain for encouraging individual health behaviors. This course examines the community context of the changes needed to promote the public’s health, …read
Strategic Skills Training Series: Introduction to Systems ThinkingOnline CourseCourse Description: The Strategic Skills Training Series developed by the Region 2 PHTC aims to help prepare public health practitioners to develop the practices and competencies associated with being a Chief Health Strategist. The modules in this series use the community health improvement planning process to introduce you to the …read
Decision-Making in Emergency PreparednessOnline CourseCourse Description: Emergencies test the decision-making skills of all leaders. This course will help you build emergency decision-making skills by helping you understand the specific pressures on emergency decision-making. You will also learn about creating a structured decision-making process and recognizing your own individual decision-making style, as well as the …read
Social Marketing for HealthOnline CourseCourse Description: Social marketing is a widely used and effective approach to changing behavior largely through promoting the use of healthy products and services. Social marketing interventions can help achieve many goals: Improved healthy behavior Increased availability of public health products and services Increased range of available products and services …read
Holding Effective MeetingsOnline CourseCourse Description: Have you ever attended a meeting that was disorganized, took much longer than it should have, and ended with nothing to show for it? We’ve all sat through meetings like that at some point in our careers. Not only are they frustrating to the attendees, but they also …read
Feasibility Planning for Public Health Business PlansOnline CourseCourse Description: An effective onboarding plan helps new employees adjust to their jobs by establishing better relationships, clarifying expectations and objectives, and providing support through feedback, coaching and follow-up. This leads to higher job satisfaction and performance, lower employee stress, greater commitment to the organization, and decreased staff turnover. What …read
Planning for Financial SuccessOnline CourseCourse Description: Funding public health activities is challenging, and having a team in place ready to respond to funding opportunities from government agencies and foundations is critical for success. Planning for Financial Success is designed to help you pull together the key elements needed for responding to funding opportunities. In …read
Onboarding New EmployeesOnline CourseAn effective onboarding plan helps new employees adjust to their jobs by establishing better relationships, clarifying expectations and objectives, and providing support through… Read Moreread
Public Health Financial ManagementOnline CourseCourse Description: Funding public health activities is challenging, and having a team in place ready to respond to funding opportunities from government agencies and foundations is critical for success. Planning for Financial Success is designed to help you pull together the key elements needed for responding to funding opportunities. In …read
Economic EvaluationWebinarCourse Description: This is a foundational presentation on the principles and concepts of economic evaluation, which is increasingly used to establish evidence for policies and interventions. Dr. Chan illustrates the basic concept of economics and shares examples of commonly-used economic studies. Instructor: Stephanie Chan, PhD, MA, Senior Economist Steven M. …read
Doing A Lot with A Little: Economic Analysis in Public HealthOnline courseCourse Description: This self-paced, online course will discuss economic analysis in public health. Data needed to complete a cost-benefit analysis will be outlined and participants will be taken through the process of completing a cost-benefit analysis. Objectives At the end of this course you will be able to: Describe the …read
Business Planning for Public Health ProgramsOnline courseCourse Description: Do you need a new approach to generating revenue? Do you have a program that you want to continue after your grant runs out? Then business planning may be the answer. This 45-minute module will help you understand the basics of business planning and determine if writing a …read
Quality Improvement Team DevelopmentOnline courseCourse Description: Quality Improvement Team Development is one part of the Performance Management Series. The work of a QI project is accomplished by a team of individuals, which is known as a QI Team. The purpose of the team is to design, manage, and monitor performance improvement activities to achieve …read
Project PlanningOnline courseCourse Description: Good planning can make all the difference in creating a successful public health project. Project planning can be thought of as a series of specific steps, keys to success that will help projects of all types run smoothly and effectively. You don’t have to be a project management …read
Using Evidence-Based Practices: A Webinar for Public Health Practitioners & Community PartnersWebinarCourse Description: This archived webinar focuses on The Guide to Community Preventive Services (The Community Guide) and how it can support community health improvement efforts. The Community Guide is a free resource for evidence-based recommendations and findings from the Community Preventive Services Task Force, an independent, nonfederal, volunteer body of …read
Personal Performance Management SystemOnline courseCourse Description: This program will help knowledge workers better control day-to-day work with everyday tools (Microsoft Outlook), plus adapt better planning, prioritizing and decision-making routines. The result will be: One hour more per day on higher value (goal-related) activities Better control over a higher work volume Less stress (caused by …read
Online Resources to Support Evidence-Based Practice on Population HealthOnline courseCourse Description: Population Health and Healthy People 2020 Medline Plus: Supporting the Public With Easy-to-Read Consumer Health Information An Introduction to PubMed: Finding Peer-Reviewed and Evidence-Based Public Health Articles Surveillance Previewing Ongoing Research With HSRProj Scenario Practices There are review questions and “Try it Yourself” scenario integrated in the module …read
Project Management ToolsOnline courseCourse Description: Projects can take days or weeks or years to complete and are a difficult challenge for managers. Dr. Vicky Parker explains project management, development of a project charter, and using Gantt charts as planning tools. Includes video, visuals to explain concepts, and template tools. This learning opportunity topic …read
The Basics of Quality Improvement for Public Health PractitionersWebinarCourse Description: This tutorial provides the basics of Quality Improvement and how it fits into the Performance Management Framework. Objectives At the end of this tutorial you will be able to: Describe the basics of Quality Improvement within the Performance Management Framework. Describe the Plan, Do, Study, Act (PDSA) quality …read
Leading Improvement ProjectsOnline courseCourse Description: This online training will cover from start to finish what to expect in a quality improvement (QI) project. This training was developed for people that will be helping to facilitate QI projects within their agency and are looking for tools, templates and experience with doing so. Registering for …read
Targeting Improvement with AIM StatementsOnline courseCourse Description: This training is provided by the New York-New Jersey Public Health Training Center and will require a secondary registration. Upon completion, please go to the Transcript page in the My Workspace menu, and select Mark Complete from the drop down action menu, then click GO. Goal: “Targeting Improvement …read
Performance Management Training SeriesOnline courseCourse Description: This series serves to increase participants’ understanding of the purpose and benefits of performance management and provide guidance for getting started with building a performance management system. The series includes three modules: Module 1: Introduction to Performance Management Module 2: Building Your Performance Management System Module 3: PHAB …read
Change Management: How Leadership can Support Staff During CrisesOnline courseCourse Description: The Strategic Skills Training Series developed by the Region 2 PHTC aims to help prepare public health leaders and the public health workforce to develop the practices and competencies associated with being a Chief Health Strategist. This training is the second in the Strategic Skills Training Series focused …read
Pandemic: A Critical Thinking ScenarioOnline courseCourse Description: The goal of this scenario is to assess and train mid-level public health professionals in the application of critical thinking as a means of solving problems related to community preparedness for public health emergencies, such as an Influenza Pandemic. The scenario is based on the Critical Thinking course …read
Joint Information Center – How Does It WorkOnline courseCourse Description: There are three sections in this course Section 1: Defining the Joint Information to the Public Section 2: Getting Information to the Public Section 3: Staffing and Organizational Structure There are practice activities/exercises throughout the lessons. These practice activities/exercises will provide you with an opportunity to apply the …read
Risk Communication for Emergency PreparednessOnline courseCourse Description: Leaders are often called upon to share information with the public, the media, and other stakeholders in the midst of a crisis. This course will help you develop skills in risk communication. You will learn how people perceive risk and how best to frame messages in order to …read
Marketing Public HealthOnline courseCourse Description: Whether you are managing a single program or an entire public health department, understanding the basic principles of branding and marketing can be crucial to your success. Every program and organization has key stakeholders. The goal of this course is to offer concrete strategies for communicating with those …read
The People, Power, and Pride of Public HealthOnline courseCourse Description: This training provides an engaging overview of the incredible accomplishments and promise of the public health field. The first module includes interviews with legendary public health figures whose work led to millions of lives saved with vaccines, air bags and car seats, and the federal Women Infants and …read
Risk Communication for Special PopulationsOnline courseCourse Description: On successful completion of this course, you will be able to: Describe four general strategies to effectively communicate risk to special populations Describe methods to identify and map special population groups and explain why it is important Utilize community leaders to assist in communicating risk to special populations …read
Effective Communication for Environmental Public HealthOnline courseCourse Description: Do you find yourself struggling to communicate your public health message? This self-paced, interactive module is designed for public health professionals, especially those responsible for implementing environmental health programs. It introduces key communication strategies to help field workers successfully educate the public about environmental public health issues, communicate …read
Strategies to Advance Health Equity: How Health Departments Can Grow a Healthy Public Food SectorOnline courseCourse Description: This self-paced, interactive module prepares public health professionals working in state and local health departments to develop or support food policy changes in their communities to encourage healthy food systems. The session begins with a discussion of why the public sector should be involved in developing policies around …read
Managing Diversity Begins With YouOnline courseCourse Description: The purpose of this intermediate course is to acquire a conceptual framework with tools to manage diversity in the workplace as a way of improving service delivery, quality, and accessibility. It is expected that each participant will be able to identify their role in their own organization with …read
Vulnerable Populations in Health Care and Health ResearchOnline courseCourse Description: This training outlines how health professionals can work with communities to understand and address the factors leading to vulnerability in specific situations, including situations that arise in the course of public health research and practice. In four video segments, it explores common definitions of vulnerability and provides a …read
Don’t Panic: Principles of Crisis and Risk Communication ScenarioOnline courseCourse Description This course is provided by Prepare Iowa and will require a secondary login and/or registration. The purpose of this scenario is to use the principles of crisis and risk communication during a response for public health emergency. Target Audience This course is designed for health practitioners who need …read
Advanced Program EvaluationOnline courseCourse Description: Learners will take on the role of a staff member at the Middleton County Health Department who is tasked with helping to develop an evaluation plan for an obesity-prevention program recently launched in Middleton County. Using the CDC Program Evaluation Framework, learners will connect each step of the …read
Serving Diverse Communities: Accessing Reliable Health Information in Multiple LanguagesOnline courseCourse Decription: This course will cover resources that provide reliable health information in multiple languages. Data on current population of non-native English speakers in the United States Online resources for accessing health information in multiple languages Scenario Practices You will have the opportunity to watch the simulation and then practice …read
Serving Diverse Communities: Finding Data on Health DisparitiesOnline courseThis course is designed for participants to access reliable health information resources in multiple languages. Intended Audience Public health professionals interested in advancing their ability to locate reliable health information. This may include public health nurses, community health workers, academic researchers, policy makers, and epidemiologists. Course Content This course will …read
Strategies to Advance Health Equity: How Health Departments Can Protect the Health of ImmigrantsOnline courseCourse Description: This self-paced, interactive module prepares public health professionals working in state and local health departments to develop or support health care, social services, and public health programs to protect the health of immigrants. This session begins with an introduction to immigration policy and its relationship to health as …read
Strategies to Advance Health Equity: How Health Departments Can Promote Living WagesOnline courseCourse Description: The social determinants of health, or the structures and economic systems that shape patterns of wellness and illness, can influence health issues like obesity and teen pregnancy. Upstream factors that influence health are broad, deeply entrenched in our society, and can appear daunting to change. While public health …read
Program Evaluation in Environmental HealthOnline courseCourse Description: Your environmental health program is up and running but how do you know if it’s paying off? This self-paced module can help you determine just that! First, you will receive some background on program evaluation—who, what, when, and why—and then you’ll be taken through the steps to plan …read
Strategic Planning Within the Context of the Ten Essential ServicesOnline courseCourse Description There are four video clips in this course: Essential Services & Guiding Principles What Have We Been Doing? Components of a Strategic Plan Question & Answer Session There are practice exercises at the end of each video clip. These practice exercises will provide you with an opportunity to …read
Leadership and InfluenceOnline courseCourse Description This course reviews how to improve your leadership and influence skills. To that end, this course addresses: Leadership from within. How to facilitate change. How to build and rebuild trust. Using personal influence and political savvy. Fostering an environment for leadership development. This course is provided by the …read
Coaching SkillsOnline courseCourse Description: As a manager, you wear two different hats that can be difficult to balance effectively. On one hand, you are tasked with evaluating your employees and making decisions regarding promotions, demotions, salary actions, and terminations. On the other hand, you are also a coach and an advocate for …read
Community EngagementOnline courseCourse Description: The Community Engagement course focuses on community engagement in the community health assessment process. Particular emphasis is placed on using the Mobilizing for Action through Planning and Partnerships (MAPP) model with the County Health Rankings and Roadmap. This model also meets non-profit hospital Community Health Needs Assessment requirements …read
Introduction to Systems ThinkingOnline courseCourse Description: Systems thinking provides a framework for identifying and addressing the underlying causes of complex problems. This approach minimizes responding to problem symptoms and the associated unintended consequences of quick fixes. This training will provide an overview of key concepts and specific tools for use with a systems thinking …read
Care of Populations Badge: LeadershipOnline courseLeadership skills consistent with collaborative approaches are essential and need to be part of organizations that interest with the larger public health system. This badge will introduce six key practices of collaborative leadership: Assessing the Environment, Creating Clarity, Sharing Power and Influence, Building Trust, Self Reflection, and Developing People. Course …read
Introduction to Policy Analysis in Public HealthOnline courseCourse Description: Introduction to Policy Analysis in Public Health course, designed for public health practitioners, introduces the learner to the CDC policy process and provides specific instruction on the policy analysis component of the process. Instructional content will result in the learner having a better understanding of what policy analysis …read
Organizing a Strategic Policy CoalitionOnline courseCourse Description: This online module explores the early stages of the policy process and introduces a model for a coalition structure intended to achieve a specific local policy goal. This online course is available free of charge and can be accessed at any time. Learning Objectives: Explain the difference between …read
Planning and Budgeting for Public Health: The Business PlanOnline courseCourse Description: Practitioners in the field of public health find themselves in serious competition for funding. How do we make sure that the activities we advance to protect, maintain and promote the health of the public are a priority for funders. One of the ways we can improve our chances …read
Health Equity: A Public Health EssentialOnline courseCourse Description: How healthy we are when we are born, how likely we are to get sick as we age, and how long we can expect to live are all determined to a surprising extent by our place in society. Disparities in health among income, racial, and ethnic groups in …read
Care of Populations Badge: PolicyOnline courseCourse Description: Culture influences health behavior and when major differences exist between a patient’s and provider’s cultural framework for illness, a host of adverse outcomes may result. This badge introduces students to the concepts of health and health care disparity and the importance of learning how individuals define, react to, …read