Diabetes Training/ Video Presentations

MPHTC Training Catalog

2017 Iowa Diabetes Summit 

A forum to discuss the latest practices, opportunities, resources, and tools for addressing diabetes prevention, control and management.  National, state, and local experts will share innovative strategies for reducing the burden of diabetes in Iowa.

Eat, Play, Live: Case Study of one Community Cultural Center’s Strategies to Support Refugee and Immigrant Health around Diabetes

The Asian Community and Cultural Center (ACCC) is a community center in Lincoln, Nebraska that enlists six community health workers (CHW’s) to provide a variety of social and economic and language-based services to 1,0000 unduplicated clients. These clients are refugees and immigrants from diverse ethnic groups (Vietnamese, Karen, Karenni, Yazidi, Dinka, and Nuba). One primary CHW service is to connect clients to medical homes. One emerging health issue in our clients is diabetes. For the past three years, ACCC has had grant support to address diabetes prevention, diagnosis, and care. This presentation describes the problem in our communities, the ways in which we have worked to address it both internally and with community partners, and challenges and insights for similar models.

Episode 3: Diabetes: Understanding Health Conditions and The Impact on Your Work: A Community Health Worker Training Series

Episode 3: Diabetes PowerPoint Slides

The Iowa Chronic Care Consortium (ICCC) is committed to promoting and supporting Community Health Workers in Iowa. Last March, an onsite training was held that focused on skills development for this workforce. That training, called CORE – for coaching, outreach, relationship, and engagement – focused on advancing those relationship and engagement skills necessary to be effective in working directly with individuals.

Region VII Diabetes Summit (2016)

Episode 1: How to Avoid Lost Opportunity

Episode 1 PowerPoint Slides

Episode 2: Engaging Patients in Diabetes Self-Management through Health Coaching

Episode 2 Powerpoint Slides

Episode 3: The Role of Community Health Workers in Collaboration with Public Health Nurses

Episode 3 Powerpoint Slides

Prediabetes: How to Avoid Lost Opportunity Resources


Culturally Competent Health Provider Communication: Insights from Research with Chinese, Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Island Diabetes Patients

Course Description

As the population of the US becomes more diverse, the need for culturally competent health care providers has increased. This webinar was designed to help people learn about culturally-competent medical communication. The presenters will share their experiences developing and providing culturally competent health communication that meets the need of Asian, Native Hawaiian and Pacific Island patients with diabetes.

Living a Balanced Life with Diabetes Toolkit

Course Description

This introductory webcast describes how to use the Living a Balanced Life with Diabetes Toolkit to address diabetes and psychosocial issues in American Indians and Alaska Natives with diabetes.

Partners in Health:  Engaging Faith Communities in Diabetes Prevention and Management

Course Description

This webinar focused on a discussion about engaging faith-based organizations in diabetes prevention and control, and featured a panel of inspirational presenters from the American Diabetes Association, Faith Fights Diabetes, and The Center for Appalachian Philanthropy who will share the specific tools and strategies they have used in working with faith-based organizations to educate them about diabetes, conduct diabetes prevention and control activities, and create a healthier church environment.

Promoting Healthy Choices and Community Changes:  An E-Learning Program for Prometoras de Salud

Course Description

Launched in June 2015, Promoting Healthy Choices and Community Changes: An E-learning Program for Promotoras De Salud is designed for any promotora de salud (community health promoter), regardless of years of experience or the type of outreach in which they are engaged (e.g., nutrition, cancer or diabetes) and employs case studies, pre- and post-tests, self-assessment exercises, and more.

Public Health Grand Rounds:  Community Health Workers and Nurses:  Roles and Relationships for Population Health Improvement

Course Description

A changing health and healthcare landscape will bring enhanced roles for working relationships between nurses and community health workers (CHWs). This Public Health Grand Rounds session will describe current practices and future directions for providing public health services with special focus on medically underserved populations. Today, nurses and CHWs serve communities in a variety of ways, such as working with pregnant women, in diabetes health care and education, and in programs for cardiovascular health. They bring unique strengths and skill sets to provision and implementation of health and health care interventions in collaborative models of care.