Access to care


Kansas Accreditation Readiness Project Learning Collaborative Pre-Session Webinar – Domain 7

This webinar has been specifically created to meet the needs of Kansas Accreditation Readiness Project participants. It references resources available in Kansas, and uses the experiences of Kansas LHDs’ as the framework for discussion. It is intended to prepare Kansas health departments for ongoing discussion within the KARP learning collaborative. The purpose of this presentation is to provide a brief overview of Domain 7 and to highlight some of the details of Domain 7 that could be missed.

12 Domains to PHABulous: Domain 7: Access to Care

The goal of this presentation is to provide an overview of PHAB Domain 7. Domain 7 provides requirements for Promoting Strategies to Improve Access to Health Care.

Managing Diversity Begins With You

The purpose of this intermediate course is to acquire a conceptual framework with tools to manage diversity in the workplace as a way of improving service delivery, quality, and accessibility. It is expected that each participant will be able to identify their role in their own organization with respect to diversity and cultural competency and to position their organization as a leading organization in the delivery of culturally competent services.

Exploring Cross-Cultural Communication

This is a web-based course that invites learners to spend time thinking about and developing their own responses to a variety of ideas and situations about culture, communication and public health. Learners will explore the meaning of culture, methods of communication, and strategies for communicating more effectively by taking part in “virtual” group conferences, reading and responding to simulated e-mails, and utilizing resource documents.


PHAB Standards and Measures- Accreditation Library

Provides resources and examples for all domains