Kansas Accreditation Readiness Project Learning Collaborative Pre-Session Webinar – Domain 12

This webinar has been specifically created to meet the needs of Kansas Accreditation Readiness Project participants. It references resources available in Kansas, and uses the experiences of Kansas LHDs’ as the framework for discussion. It is intended to prepare Kansas health departments for ongoing discussion within the KARP learning collaborative. The purpose of this presentation is to provide a brief overview of Domain 12 and to highlight some of the details of Domain 12 that could be missed

Fundamentals of Kansas Public Health Module 2: Governance and Policy

In this course, we will focus on the governmental public health infrastructure as it relates to local health departments, particularly in Kansas, and the role local health departments play in making our lives safe and healthier.

12 Domains to PHABulous: Domain 12: Governance

the goal of this presentation is to provide an overview of PHAB Domain 12. Domain 12 provides the PHAB accreditation requirements regarding the health department’s support and engagement of its governing entity in maintaining and strengthening the public health infrastructure.


PHAB Standards and Measures- Accreditation Library

Provides resources and examples for all domains