Quality Improvement


Kansas Accreditation Readiness Project Learning Collaborative Pre-Session Webinar – Domain 9

This webinar has been specifically created to meet the needs of Kansas Accreditation Readiness Project participants. It references resources available in Kansas, and uses the experiences of Kansas LHDs’ as the framework for discussion. It is intended to prepare Kansas health departments for ongoing discussion within the KARP learning collaborative. The purpose of this presentation is to provide a brief overview of Domain 9 and to highlight some of the details of Domain 9 that could be missed.

Basic Supervision Skills: Supervision Coaching

Supervisors frequently engage in coaching discussions with their employees to deal with work-related discrepancies, while fostering respectful supervisor-employee relationships. This webinar presents a foundation for: -Assessing the work performance issue; -Communicating clearly and directly about the issue; -Using a non-punitive approach to holding employees accountable while also improving problem-solving skills.


During this 90-minute webinar, Jack Moran from the Public Health Foundation provides a foundation for QI efforts in LHDs. This presentation covers the importance of team building and communication plans in the context of QI and expands on each phase of the Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) cycle.

Leadership Tips During a Health IT Implementation

The presenters will also focus on how leadership is important in helping staff, clinicians, patients, a safety net providers’ board, and partners adjust to and overcome the barriers that typically accompany a health IT implementation and impede success. Lastly, the presenters will provide leadership examples of unique health IT implementation situations such as meeting meaningful use objectives, changing vendors, and implementing health IT in multiple provider sites.


PHAB Standards and Measures- Accreditation Library

Provides resources and examples for all domains