Kansas Accreditation Readiness Project Learning Collaborative Pre-Session Webinar – Domain 8

This webinar has been specifically created to meet the needs of Kansas Accreditation Readiness Project participants. It references resources available in Kansas, and uses the experiences of Kansas LHDs’ as the framework for discussion. It is intended to prepare Kansas health departments for ongoing discussion within the KARP learning collaborative. The purpose of this presentation is to provide a brief overview of Domain 8 and to highlight some of the details of Domain 8 that could be missed.

Fundamentals of Kansas Public Health Module 4: Workforce Development

Workforce development in public health is an attempt to improve health outcomes (ie, healthier people) by enhancing the training, skills, and performance of public health workers. Local health departments are public health agencies that are part of a government entity but, in many ways, also operate like any business. Effective public health practice requires a well prepared workforce. This includes hiring productive staff who value customer satisfaction, evaluating staff effectiveness, and planning to properly train staff through continuing education.

Fundamentals of Kansas Public Health Module 1: Overview of the Kansas System

This 1 hour online course was developed to provide a general understanding of the Kansas public health system for the current, new and future public health workforce. The Kansas Public Health Workforce Development Coordinating Council identified through its strategic planning process in 2014 and the Kansas Public Health Workforce Assessment that there is a gap in introductory knowledge of the Public Health Core Functions and 10 Essential Services throughout the public health system in Kansas.

12 Domains to PHABulous: Domain 8: Workforce

The goal of this presentation is to provide an overview of the standards and measures in PHAB Domain 8. This domain provides the PHAB accreditation requirements for Maintaining a Competent Public Health workforce.

Managing, Motivating and Integrating a Multi Generational Workforce

Managing, Motivating and Integrating Your Multigenerational Workforce teaches company leaders how to effectively manage today’s multigenerational workforce by first understanding the unique values and needs that fuel the beliefs and behaviors of each generation while teaching strategies for good employee relations between all generations.


The EDIC Method: An Engaging and Comprehensive Approach for Creating Health Department Workforce Development Plans

Journal article in the Journal of Health Promotion Practice that provides a model for creating workforce development plans

Journal article in the Journal of Health Promotion Practice that provides a model for creating workforce development plans

Provides resources and examples for all domains