Share Public Health: Rural Health

Rural Health: In this new series of Share Public Health, we talk with people in a variety of communities about their experiences and perspectives on rural life, employment and health.

The podcast

Share Public Health is our podcast connecting you to public health topics, issues, and colleagues throughout our region and the country, highlighting that we all share in public health. Over 10 episodes of this rural health series, we talk with people in a variety of communities about their experiences and perspectives on rural life, employment and health. Our aim is to deepen understanding of the complexity of rural life and celebrate rural areas.

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The Global Midwest


In the first episode of this series, we hear from Himar Hernandez and Kristy Nabhan-Warren about life in rural Iowa.

What Makes a Community


Heather Lujano tells us about her community building work in Washington, Iowa with DUO Compassion; Mary Swander talks about living among the large Amish community west of the Mississippi; and Art Cullen shares the changes he's seen in Storm Lake, Iowa over the years.

Community Pride


In this episode, we hear from Emily Wornell and Bill Menner about what makes rural communities successful.

Food is Everything


Mary Swander talks about moving to Kalona, Iowa; Jason Grimm shares the work of Iowa Valley Resource Conservation & Development and food systems in Iowa; Shelley Buffalo tells the story of the Meskwaki Food Sovereignty Initiative; and Greg Padget from Practical Farmers of Iowa highlights challenges and joy of being a farmer in Iowa.

Art is What Makes Us Human


In today's episode, we hear from Angie Tagtow, Lisa Crow, Mary Swander, Meg Merckens and Tom Johnson about the value of arts, theater, and cultural identities in rural communities.

Coming Soon

February 16 Jim Atty, Rachel Goss, and Jessica Williams discuss health care delivery in their rural communities.
February 23 Nicole Crain and John Grimes tell us about workplace safety.
March 2 Tammy McKeever, Sharon Miller, and Becky Vonnahme share their experiences working with local public health departments in rural counties.
March 9 To wrap up the series, we'll talk with folks from the University of Iowa College of Public Health about the recurring themes throughout this series.

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