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Choosing the Best Training

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Workforce Development Coalition



This playbook has been created as a tool for Public Health Agencies to utilize as a reference-book style guide to workforce development in an easily digestible manner. In the guide, eight key components to building workforce capacity are identified.

Each of the eight key components has 3 subsections: What, So What, and Now What.

  • What briefly describes each one of the eight key components of workforce development.
  • So What contains lessons learned and steps taken by other Public Health Agencies to implement the individual key component.
  • Now What illustrates outcomes and performance measures leaders can monitor to indicate when the implemented change has been successfully adopted and implemented by the workforce. In this section, there is also a template for leaders to utilize when discussing the importance of implementing each individual key component in building workforce capacity with decision-makers and stakeholders.

This playbook is not meant to be read front to back. The purpose of this playbook is to serve as a practical guide that can be easily referenced day-to-day. To use this guide effectively, refer to the table of contents, and identify which Key you want to build in your workforce. Then, once you have read through the Key you can decide which aspects are most applicable to your organization. Not every organization will follow the So What section exactly as it is written, the intent is to utilize parts that are a good fit and customize the other parts to make more applicable to the organization.